If you have now decided that it is time for you to lose weight, to feel great about yourself and achieve the look you want.

If you have been struggling with weight for a while now, which is leaving you feeling unhappy and affecting your confidence.

If the amount of sugar in your daily routine is a concern for you and is presenting a challenge on what to do about it.

Then this is the perfect course for you. 

You have come to the right place and we are very excited for you to be here.

This course has been specifically designed to help you lose weight. While at the same time work towards balancing your blood sugar levels

You may have all sorts of concerns or fears. You may even be sceptical about how this is going to get done or work for you. You might be thinking things like:

"I've only just started my weight loss journey. Will I be able to understand or do this course?"

"I've tried many other ways before with little or no success, will this work for me?"

"I've been this way for as long as I can remember. Can I actually lose weight?"

Working on your personal beliefs via your experiences that have left you to think and feel the way you do, is what we will be tackling and dealing with as we progress throughout this course. This will begin to start shifting your focus towards your ideal weight and health goals.

We will be following a 5 step method during the course. Here is a brief outline of what the 5 steps entail:

    • How you view yourself and what you think of yourself as a person. How do you feel about yourself?
    • Your beliefs about food and health in general. Your relationship with food and your body. What does food and your body mean to you?
    • What skills or abilities do you have (or not have) when it comes to taking care of your body and health
    • What are your common habits and behaviours in your day to day lifestyle
    • What are you surrounded by in your environment? Who are the people you are surrounded by? What kinds of foods surround you?

Following this practical 5 step method will allow you to have the results that you really want!

About the instructor

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Maximillian Maddy

Greetings!My name is Maximillian Maddy. Due to my love and passion for personal growth and learning, along with my background in Thai boxing and Wellness Consultancy, I decided to train and study to become a fully qualified Coach.I then focused in the field of healthy living, which has allowed me to help my clients to achieve their goals of losing weight, enjoying a healthy and fun lifestyle and developing a balanced work/life.It is my belief that personal development is an important key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. I have made it a foundational component of my practice and services. Helping the person to grow into the person they wish to become. Both in mind and in body.Some learn that It's not always about food and exercise, that's just one facet. It could also be wise to look at ones mindset and emotions. Also, daily habits and behaviours play a key part in your lifestyle too.From what I have studied as a coach to what I have learned from Thai boxing, and being a personal development enthusiast, I have learned that many attributes are interrelated and transferable to allow a person to achieve their goals, including:Mindset PatienceDisciplineEducationStructureEmotional HealthPhysical HealthDaily Habits & BehavioursThese attributes (and more) make up the person as a whole. If you want something different for yourself, these are a few of the places a person can start to look at, to start to affect the changes they want from themselves.I am very sure that you will enjoy this course. You will learn so many new things, not just about health and nutrition, but about yourself. Turning your weight loss into a fun and exciting Journey, that you will accomplish and then become inspired by to continue towards other successes in your life.It's a pleasure for you to come here and I am so excited and privileged to be working alongside you on your journey!My QualificationsMindfulness For Everyday Living – University of WarwickNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – Industry Rockstar & The International Business Coaching AcademyCertified Coach – Industry Rockstar & The International Business Coaching Academy

About the instructor

Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist

Tautvile Sliazaite

The passion for complementary medicine inspired me to leave a successful legal practice behind in Lithuania, move to London and study Naturopathic Medicine. I started practising straight after graduation, becoming a highly experienced Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist with an established private practice in both Central London and my home country Lithuania. Previously I worked in the healthcare industry as a business development manager and gained the understanding of how nutritional therapy can complement conventional medicine. I am experienced with working alongside private doctors and consultants, to assist in the nutritional management of their patients. I am also passionate about complex cases with specialist interests in:Autoimmune conditions, Digestive health, Endocrine system and Mental health aspects. I focus on creating educational, achievable and bespoke Nutritional programmes for each client, which emphasises on tailored nutrition, supplemental and lifestyle advice. I believe that each individual is different - what works for one person, might not benefit another. Only by focusing on my client’s needs and creating achievable plans is my foremost important goal, by creating permanent long-term goals, rather than a temporary quick fixMy QualificationsBachelor of Law and Management, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, LithuaniaDiploma of Naturopathic Nutrition, College of Naturopathic Medicine, London, UKWhere I PracticeLondon Psychiatry Centre - Harley Street, LondonTwenty- five Harley Street - Harley Street, London

Course Curriculum

  • 2


    • Environment Part 1

    • Environment Part 2

    • Handout 1: What Contributes To Unhealthy Choices [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 2: Goal & Tracker Table [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 3: Change your health in 90 days Challenge [DOWNLOAD]

  • 3


    • Behaviours Part 1

    • Behaviours Part 2 (Fundamental Nutritional Principles)

    • Working On Our Self Awareness [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout: Glycaemic Load Chart [DOWNLOAD]

    • Glycaemic Load Chart (Instructional Audio)

  • 4


    • Capabilities Part 1

    • Capabilities Part 2

    • Bodyscan Audio

    • Guided Visualisation (Goal Creation)

    • Extra Notes On Goal Creation

    • Handout 1: Breakfast Recipe [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 2: Lunch & Dinner Recipe [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 3: Snacks Recipe [DOWNLOAD]

  • 5


    • Beliefs Part 1

    • Beliefs Part 2

  • 6


    • Identity Part 1

    • Identity Part 2

    • Handout 1: Hidden Reason For Weight Gain [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 2: What Makes You Happy [DOWNLOAD]

    • Handout 3: What Do You Want [DOWNLOAD]

  • 7


    • Extra Material: A Few Handouts Of Various Studies Found On The Nutrition Subject

    • Chapter 1: Environment Manual & Audios

    • Chapter 2: Behaviour Slides & Audios

    • Chapter 3: Capabilities Slides & Audios

    • Chapter 4: Belief Slides & Audios

    • Chapter 5: Identity Slides & Audios

So whats in it for you?

  • You will be learning all sorts of new information that you may not have known before.
  • You will become more clear about what might work for you and what might not.
  • You will gain structure and organisation in your lifestyle
  • You will begin to see the weight drop off naturally and sustainably with less effort
  • You will start to feel great about yourself as you lose the weight
  • You will look amazing!
  • You will gain and increase your confidence as you accomplish your goals
  • You will garner a sense of achievement and empowerment. Which you can then transfer into other areas of your life (e.g. relationships, finances, career etc.)