5 Steps To A Clear Business Growth Plan

How To Define Your Personal Goals And Translate That Into A Passionate And Successful Business

This ebook will help you:
1. Create Clear Personal Goals to aid you to create a Business that you are truly passionate about

2. Have Clear Personal Goals to Connect with your Business in terms of your Mission and Values

3. Explain why your experiences in life show up the way they do. Giving you access to having more influence over your life.

4. How emotions play a vital role in your success. Maybe even more over your IQ! How becoming more self-aware of your emotions can aid you towards your success!

Maximillian Maddy
Maximillian Maddy
Productivity Specialist

About the instructor

My name is Maximillian Maddy

My love and passion for personal growth and learning led me to become the founder of The Maximum Performance Practice.

It is my belief that personal development is key to a happy and successful life, no matter what you may define as success and happiness.

I focus on business. Because I truly believe that you can empower yourself through your business. I help clients gain mental and emotional strength as they grow their business while improving self-control and discipline.

Becoming better enabled to take care of themselves and loved ones. Having freedom, security, and independence in their own lives.

From what I have studied as a coach to what I have learned from Thai boxing (being a martial arts practitioner), and being a personal development enthusiast, I have learned that many attributes are interrelated and transferable to allow a person to achieve their goals, including:

  •  Mindset  
  •  Patience 
  •  Discipline 
  •  Education 
  •  Structure 
  •  Emotional Health 
  •  Physical Health 
  •  Daily Habits & Behaviours

These attributes (and more) make up the person as a whole. 

If you want something different for yourself, these are a few of the places to look at to start to affect the changes you want for yourself.

I am very sure that you will enjoy this course. You will learn so many new things, mainly about yourself.

Turning your personal and business growth into a fun and exciting journey.

The more you accomplish, the more you will become inspired and empowered to continue towards other successes in your life.

It's a pleasure for you to come here and I am so excited and privileged to be working alongside you on your journey!

My Qualifications

  •  Mindfulness For Everyday Living University of Warwick 
  •  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) PractitionerIndustry Rockstar & The International Business Coaching Academy
  • Certified CoachIndustry Rockstar & The  International Business Coaching Academy


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